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IC: Carjacking
Overnight, the police received a call of a carjacking of a transport carrying fresh blood and responded to the scene. Once they arrived, there was no sign of the supply truck, and the witness was...

IC: Robbery Gone Awry
DALLAS, TX - Police are investigating a robbery and kidnapping after a woman entered the Cerebral Deli in the Preston Forest Shopping Center. Security footage shows an unknown woman approaching the...

IC: Missing Mayoral Aide
Missing: Jim Johnson, deputy press aide for the Mayor's office. He was last seen on Friday, September 10 leaving the Municipal Complex. He was reported missing on the 13th by the Mayor's office when...

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Dallas, Texas - a city which holds a great deal of historical importance as the center for the oil and cotton industries, numerous railway lines and a strong financial core. The streets were as safe as a large city could make them, and there were very few that would admit to a fear of the darkness of night.

That was, until two years ago when the Great Revealation rocked the world. Upon the heels of the announcement of synthetic blood, vampires made themselves publicly known. Synthetic blood products such as TruBlood gave them a ready food source that would replace feeding from the hoof (i.e. feeding upon humans) which they had been bound to in the past. They began seeking the reintegration of their kind into society.

Some painted the vampires as they appeared in the myths - dark, evil killers bent on doing whatever they wished with their prey. Some accepted them as people who had suffered due to a virus that left them apparently dead for a couple of days and thereafter allergic to sunlight, silver, and garlic. Fangbangers appeared, seeking to immerse themselves in the world of vampires, either becoming a willing meal, or to live the thrill of being with a vampire. Some found a lucrative market in draining vampires of their blood, and selling it to those looking to benefit from the unique properties of the 'V'.

Governments and religious leaders have fallen on one side or the other, though most of mankind remains uncertain about these creatures. Vampire businesses and communities have begun to be built up. Companies have been allowing vampire workers, and creating vampire specific brand lines. Still, humanity waits through the changes, unaware that lurking just out of sight are more supernatural entities. All wait to see if the vampires have made the correct choice with the revealation, or if all hell is about to break loose.

TrueBlood: Dallas (TBD) is an online role-playing game based in the True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries world.

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