Alexandre Marcus Benoit
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Portrayed by Channing Tatum
Fullname Alexandre Marcus Benoit
Species Human
Alignment Neutral
Height 6'1"
Weight 185lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Age 31
Occupation Security / Personal Protection
Position Head of Security, Dallas Office
Firm Savoy & Savoy

Basic Background

Alexandre is the son of Miriam Jolie Benoit nee Christensen and the late Charles Alexandre Benoit. Following the death of her husband, Miriam moved to the Savoy Estate to stay with her sister Meredith, three years her junior, and brought her son, then four, to live with her. Approximately a year after they arrived, Mignonette was born and having no siblings of his own, and Mignonette's mother and father being as close to him as his own mother was and father used to be, the now five year old took over the role of big brother. The 'siblings' would remain close all of their lives, even through their teenage years and later, when Mignonette went off to Columbia and Alexandre to Tulane. After completing his four year degree in Criminal Justice, Alexandre enlisted in the Navy, eventually settling into the ranks of the Navy SEALS. After a six year tour of duty, Alexandre was honorably discharged and returned to Baton Rouge and to the family business. Originally working out of the satellite office in New Orleans, Alexandre has recently transferred to Dallas to head up security at the new office.

Anyone who adopts the character is free to add to this background as they see fit, keeping in mind that he does know of Mignonette's abilities and the inner workings of the family. (See Mignonette's background for more information)

Basic Personality

Alexandre is fiercely loyal to his cousin and to the Savoy family. He has no qualms about doing what needs to be done to protect the family or its interests, and he does not tolerate well anyone attempting to hurt Mignonette or any of the people he cares for. Having had to perpetrate a few of them himself, he knows most of the family's secrets, but he would never divulge them. He is the only person who knows that Mignonette is having doubts about doing her duty to the family, in so far as her personal life is concerned, or sees beyond the poised, elegant exterior to the tenderhearted, conflicted little sister who still comes to her big brother for a shoulder to cry on and a willing ear.

Again, anyone who adopts Alexandre can feel free to add your own little quirks and enhancements to his personality.


Name Race Relation Notes
Mignonette Savoy Psychic Cousin Cousins by birth, the pair see each other more akin to siblings. Inseparable since childhood, they have always been and remain the best of friends.
Miriam Benoit Human Mother Having had to be the 'man' of the house since a young age, Alex is very protective of his mother. The two have a loving and understanding relationship.
Paul Savoy Human Uncle Having lost his father at such a young age, Paul has been Alex's surrogate father since he came to live with the Savoys. Paul treats him as a son, and there is a bond of love and respect between them.
Meredith Savoy Psychic Aunt Alex's second mother, as with his real mother, he would do anything for her.

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