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Portrayed by Juno Temple
Fullname Belle Hemingway
Species Werewolf
Age 19

Basic Background

Born in London, England, Belle has never had the luxuries that most people are afforded. Her father was just some bloke that her mother barely knew, and she never knew him either. Her mother worked odd jobs to feed her (many of them Belle has suspected over the years weren't entirely legit) and generally provide the best she could for her daughter. Which wasn't that great. Belle always had trouble throughout school despite being bright. She just never fit in due to her incredibly low class. At the age of 16, Belle was attacked on her way home from a club. She was bitten by a werewolf quite severely and left for dead, although dead is not what she became. Belle is currently in the United States on a scholarship, studying at an arts school in Dallas.

Basic Personality

Belle has lived a hard life and reflects this in her speech, attitude, and expressions. Underneath it all, she's not a bad person. She's just guarded from everything she's had to deal with. Once you've earned Belle's affections, her loyalty isn't something that's going to disappear over night. Her bristly attitude rubs many people the wrong way, but if you stay long enough to peel back the layers of the onion that is Belle, you will be greatly rewarded with a friend for life.


Name Race Relation Notes
Sheila Hemingway Human Mother Belle's mother, an ex-hippie who lives back in London. Belle keeps in touch fleetingly with her mother. She's not a mama's girl, but she's not estranged either. She likes the distance between she and her mother now that she's in the States and her mother is back home.

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