Portrayed by Timothy Olyphant
Fullname Brandt Hellstrom
Species Human
Age 28

Basic Background

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Brandt Hellstrom isn't your average redneck. From an early age Brandt showed a keen interest in criminals — their pathology, their motives, what made them tick. So when he joined the police force after studying forensics at SMU, no one was surprised. He's risen in the ranks over the years, though he's known for taking an interest in particularly macabre cases.

Basic Personality

Brandt's worst character trait is that he's incredibly easy to influence. The man has little to no willpower. He is currently undecided whether vampires are to be trusted or not, and spends his time flitting between the Fellowship of the Sun and the American Vampire League. Beyond that, Brandt takes his sense of duty very seriously. People need protecting, and he definitely has the martyr/protector stereotype down to a T. He continually sacrifices personal relationships and any chance at a normal life in order to dedicate himself to job fully. He's been referred to as a modern day knight more than a few times and is even jokingly referred to as Knight Hellstrom in the precinct.


Name Race Relation Notes
Tom Hellstrom Human Father Brandt's father, a good ol' boy himself. He and Brandt don't see eye to eye on many things, particularly Brandt's unwillingness to settle down and live a 'normal' life.
Kate Hellstrom Human Mother Brandt's mother Kate is a sweet, mild-mannered woman who attends church every Sunday and dotes on her children relentlessly.
Jessica Hellstrom Human Sister The baby sister. Brandt quit babying her a long time ago, although he worries frequently about her. She's currently in her final year at SMU, studying law.

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