Brett Coleman
Character is currently on the grid.
Portrayed by AARON ASHMORE
Fullname Brett Anthony Coleman
Species Shifter
Age 25

Basic Background

Brett was born in Houston, TX. His family life was fairly normal and boring. He has an adopted brother Corey (also a shifter). Both his parents are true shifters. His chosen animal is the coyote. He moved to Dallas for school, and just never left.

Basic Personality

Down-to-earth. Other than that, it's open to interpretation.


Name Race Relation Notes
Corey Coleman Shifter Adopted Brother They grew up together, and it wasn't until recently that they found out Corey was adopted. It's not effected the brotherly comraderie though.
Molly Coleman Shifter Mother His number one supporter.
Simon Coleman Shifter Father He's got a pretty good relationship with his father, they're fairly close.

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