Character is currently on the grid.
Portrayed by ODED FEHR
Fullname Preston Masters
Species Werewolf
Position Beta
Age 36

Basic Background

  • Native to Dallas
  • Rough history - with past gang involvement
  • His loyalty to Eli stems from the fact that the Alpha had saved his life, some how

Basic Personality

  • Strong, silent and stoic
  • Not exceptionally social
  • Fiercely loyal to Eli and Eli alone


Name Race Relation Notes
Eli Donato Werewolf Alpha Something of a father figure to Cinco.


It is important to note that this character is considered to be a 'Feature Character' type position, and has OOC responsibilities as well as the IC ones. As such, additional information from anyone looking to apply for this character is needed before he is created. A +request must be submitted to staff, with information on what abilities/expectations/potential hooks a potential applicant sees for this character.

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