Portrayed by MARY BETH PEIL
Fullname Dorothy "Dottie" Bennet
Species Vampire
Age 140 (60)

Basic Background

  • Dottie Bennet was turned at the end of the American Civil War (1865), by her grandson who was a returning soldier that had been turned on the field. The turn was accidental, he never meant for her to 'die' and when he realized he was close to killing her, he gave her his blood.
  • Rather than keep her grandson around as a Maker, Dottie's first act as a vampire was to kill him then go off in search of food.
  • Dottie never feeds from anyone under the age of 30, and never without consent.
  • She currently has no affiliations to any factions, though she does speak well of the AVL.

Basic Personality

  • Despite killing her own grandson, Dottie has the perfect doting grandmother personality. She enjoys children (not as snacks!) and always puts forth a better demeanor when dealing with them.
  • She likes the AVL, follows the laws of the land to a tee (both human and vampire), and wants nothing more than to start her own "Blood Bakery" wherein she makes blood treats for the vampire community.


Name Race Relation Notes
Jonah Bennet Vampire Grandson Deceased - she killed him, even though she loved him. It was for his own good.

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