Emre Yildirim
Portrayed by Burak Özçivit
Fullname Emre Yildirim
Species Vampire
Age 206 (26)
Occupation Maître d'
Restaurant Dahlia

Basic Background

Emre was born in 1799, in the former Ottoman Empire, in what is modern day Turkey, to be exact. Everything else is up to the player to decide, up to and including whether or not he is Vivienne's child.

Basic Personality

Cultured, graceful, politic in all of his public affairs, as is only befitting the crown jewel of Vivienne's staff. He is the Head Maître d' at Dahlia, and has been with Vivienne for decades. He is unquestioningly devoted to her. His private personality is up to the player to decide, but I would prefer if he were not a raving psychotic. That's just bad for business.


Name Race Relation Notes
Vivienne Michiels Vampire Malleable Emre is Vivienne's head Maître d' at Dahlia. I am open to discussing the exact nature of their relationship with the player who might be interested in adopting Emre. The player is free to choose to be Vivienne's Child, or to be sired elsewhere, and other aspects of their relationship can be discussed as well.


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