Portrayed by Mark Salling
Fullname Jack Jennings
Species Werewolf
Age 24
Eyes Hazel
Hair Black
Occupation Personal Trainer


  • Born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Played football in high school and college
  • Went to college out of state on a scholarship
  • Returned to Chicago for a few years, worked as a personal trainer in the city
  • Decided Chicago weather is way too freakishly cold
  • Just moved to Dallas, Texas
  • Trying to get into the Muea Tseena Pack
  • (Details up to the player! More details can be provided if desired.)


While Jack can definitely come across as cocky, it's all in good fun to him. He loves to tease and be teased back - banter is his thing. As of now he doesn't really care one way or another about the whole vampire thing - though he does feel bad that they can't get a decent tan. He does take fitness very seriously, though, and is not at all ashamed of the excellet shape he's in. (Personality up to the player! This is just a general idea.)


Name Race Relation Notes
Ella Monroe Human ??? Ella was Jack's next-door-neighbor and the best friend of Jack's little sister, Amanda, as children and throughout high school. Jack and Ella never officially dated during high school, but they did go to dances together from time to time when neither of them had dates. Ella was over at the Jennings house a lot as her own family was only occasionally home. When his sister found out he was moving to Dallas, she urged him to look Ella up. Ella gladly just hooked him up with a job at Fitness World.
Fiona Carmichael Shifter ??? Fiona and Jack are newly acquainted but the two get on well enough. There is a lot of playfulness between the pair, which can't be helped due to Fi's nature. It's just a good thing she doesn't know his true nature as of yet.

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