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Fullname Jamie Kristen Cox
Species Human
Age 21-24

Basic Background

Jamie was born the second of two girls in the affluent suburb of Plano, Texas, to a workaholic executive father and a socialite mother. Sandy Ann, her mother, was a former beauty queen, and stuck both the girls into pageants even before they could walk. Jamie grew up on the pageant stage, part of a matching set with her big sister, Tiffany.

The training was intense, as both of their parents viewed winning as the only real option in all aspects of life. There were no rewards for coming in second. Several hours of every single day were devoted to practising, costume fittings, and other preparations. At the age of twelve, Tiffany stormed off the stage during a particularly important event, leaving Jamie to deal with their overwrought mother and the increased pressure to win.

Jamie stuck with the pageants for at least awhile after Tiffany had quit to focus on schoolwork, bringing her closer to mom and making her the favoured child for a short window before Tiffany underwent her first shift, which left Jamie as the only human offspring of two fiercly proud werewolves.

The rest of her background is open to be determined by the applicant. Contact Tasha for more information.

Basic Personality

Jamie is the 'softer' of the two girls, though that is like saying that some place is warmer than the north pole. Being the odd (hu)man out in a family of werewolves, she struggles for self-identity, though it's open to be determined how that has manifested. Always taking the pageantry a little more seriously than her sister, she has grown up to be more preoccupied with her appearance and style, and perhaps even a little vain.


Name Race Relation Notes
Curtis Walter Cox Werewolf Father A practical-minded workaholic who mostly just found the whole pageant thing ridiculous, but put up with it to keep the peace. He loves his family but is not good at expressing it. He is, however, good at expressing a lot of pressure for Jamie to succeed.
Sandy Ann Cox Werewolf Mother A pageant mom in the literal sense. She has a very particular image for who her daughter should be (married well with children), whether or not this coincides with what Jamie wants from life.
Tiffany Natasha Cox Werewolf Older sister Tasha and Jamie were close growing up, though this also meant a lot of fighting and hurt feelings as well, especially in such a competitive household. Tasha is extremely protective of Jamie, but also very hard on the younger girl, feeling she needs to toughen Jamie up for her own sake. Jamie is the only person who can get away with calling her Tiffany, though that still doesn't mean Tasha likes it.

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