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Portrayed by Morena Baccarin
Fullname Kira Lee
Species Werewolf
Age 28

Basic Background

Kira is a werewolf, the product of a bite. She belongs to the Muea Tseena Pack. Rumor has it that a relative of Mischa's is the one who did the biting. Except for these little details, you can have complete reign over the background! Please contact Mischa via page to inquire if you have questions.

Basic Personality

Up to you.


Name Race Relation Notes
Mischa Shifter Pack Mate Mischa is an honorary member of the Muea Tseena Pack since he's not an actual werewolf, but a blood shifter. Until now Kira has only seen him in passing, but she's heard that he may have answers as to who bit her.

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