Laurie Cornett
Fullname Laura "Laurie" Cornett
Species Werewolf
Age 45

Basic Background

Laura had a fairly normal life. Two parents, met her husband Charles in college, married him shortly thereafter. She has three children - Robert, Chloe, and Melanie. She raised them as any parent would, despite Chloe's differences and time in Green Oaks. In February 2005, she and her husband were attacked by a rabid wolf. Her husband died due to his injuries, and she was bitten. Only the wolf was not a regular wolf, but a werewolf.

Note: Laurie is a bitten shifter, therefore she takes a hybrid human-wolf form - more like the wolfman from the old horror movies than an actual wolf.

See: Wild Animal Attack At Dallas Home and Obituaries: Charles Cornett (46)

Basic Personality

A sweet, friendly woman, who is having to deal with some serious changes in her life… all at once.


Name Race Relation Notes
Charles Cornett Human Husband Deceased
Robert Human Son Keeps in contact with him but doesn't see him regularly.
Chloe Psychic Daughter Not close, but they talk from time to time.
Mellie Human Daughter Mellie worries her mother with her zany lifestyle choices.

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