Portrayed by Geena Davis
Fullname Luanne Bundy
Species Shifter - Cougar
Age 55

Basic Background

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Born in 1955 to Carl and Beaughlah Bundy, Luanne had a lonely childhood. She often went exploring by herself out in the patch of woods behind her trailer park where she could pretend that her life was more exciting than it was. Out here she met a boy named Dale, who became her best and only friend. They spent hours playing together and had many an adventure.

When Luanne reached puberty she discovered that she would turn into a cougar under the light of the full moon. This would also happen if she became overcome with a specific emotion. Her parents offered little explanation for this, but they seemed relatively unsurprised that she could transform. She would later learn from her aunt Agnes that it was a trait that tended to skip generations within her family.

Luanne graduated high school and started working as a bartender at a local pub. She later married Dale and worked in his gentleman’s club as a bartender. When Luanne was 45, she discovered that Dale was cheating on her. She got a divorce and managed to get the trailer, the truck, and his club out of the settlement. She now works as the owner of the "Bottom's Up" Club.

Basic Personality

Luanne is a spitfire of sorts, always causing a bit of trouble when she can. When it comes to her girls, though, she’s very kindly and a bit protective. After the divorce, Luanne took a bit of time to herself, though now she is ready to get back into the dating game. She’s been known to flirt with just about anybody who will talk to her.


Name Race Relation Notes
Carl Bundy Human Father Luanne’s father. They don‘t speak much.
Beaughlah Bundy Human Mother Luanne’s mother. They don’t speak much.
Agnes Bundy Bobby Human Aunt Luanne’s Aunt. She uses her for guidance.
Dale Tompkins Human X-Husband Divorced. Luanne got everything out of the settlement.

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