Portrayed by Hannah Murray
Fullname Marina Moore
Species Human
Age 20

Basic Background

The Colorado-based Moore family has always expected their children to be the brightest and the best. Or at least the girls. Marina is the youngest of three children. Older sister Julie is now a successful businesswoman and middle child Carter is the aide to the mayor in Dallas, Texas. Carter's existence was always glossed over by their parents for the most part, leaving Julie and Marina to be focused solely upon. Julie was the proverbial golden child and their parents pushed Marina to be the best she could be. She took up ballet dancing and gymnastics, becoming quite good through rather expensive lessons that her parents put her through. But around age fourteen, the typical angst of adolescence set in. She lost interest in her former hobbies and started to become aimless. Marina barely managed to escape high school in the top twenty percentile of her class. After that, she got a job as a cashier at a local Piggly Wiggly for a while until pressure mounted for her to go to college. She enrolled at age nineteen, but is having a hard time dealing with the pressure from her family. What her parents don't know is that Marina has a one-way ticket to Texas, where she intends to make her own way in life.

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Basic Personality

Marina does not deal with stress well. She's a highly emotional being, prone to bouts of extreme happiness and extreme sadness alike. When she feels an emotion, she really feels it. And usually, so does everyone else around her, such are her antics. She tends to express herself in big ways. Drama queen is a way of putting it mildly. Marina is a tender and kind soul deep within, but there are some things she can't abide by. Liars, cheaters, mean people in general. She can be quite venomous towards someone who rubs her the wrong way.


Name Race Relation Notes
Carter Witch Elder Brother Carter and Marina have always been very close. He's the only person in the family who he really talks to, and they consider themselves best friends. When Carter went away to college, Marina withdrew into herself a little bit. With Julie out of the house and Carter at college, that meant more pressure to be put on her. Unfortunately, due to the neglect of their parents, Carter is sort of screwed up. It's a sore spot for Marina, the way that his parents neglected him. But most of the time, it seems like her brother doesn't deal with it at all.
Julie Human Elder Sister There's nearly a ten year difference between Julie and Marina. They were never especially close no matter how much Julie wanted to be. She's no role model for Marina and never has been. Marina sees Julie for the conniving, lying backstabber she is and washed her hands of her a long time ago.
Mary Witch Mother Marina's mother smothers her. Not literally — not yet. She's constantly on Marina's case. Stand up straight, watch your diet, study more often, don't spend all weekend in your bedroom. Marina has always deeply resented her parents for favoring she and Julie over Carter, but without anyone else around to deflect Mary's attentions, Marina feels the resentment ten fold.
John Witch Father Good old dad. He's become a drunk in recent years, something which Marina hasn't told Carter yet. He's always been somewhat absent, but over the past few years it's gotten worse. It's no secret that he's carrying on with his trusty secretary Debbie. Marina can hardly blame her old man for not wanting to deal with her mother, but she CAN blame him for the way he treated her brother.

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