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Portrayed by Jason Behr
Fullname Niccolo Carmine Fiore
Species Witch/Werewolf
Age 31
Occupation Owner of Ink Tank & Piercings

Basic Background

Nicco is the eldest son of Carmine Fiore, head of the Fiore coven, and eldest maternal cousin of Samantha. He has been tasked with keeping an eye upon his cousins during their stay in Dallas.


Basic Personality

Nicco is the embodiment of a modern day Casanova. Smooth, suave, arrogant, and way too much fun for any one person to contain — he lives by his own code of rules and values. A die-hard bachelor with a fear of commitment, he is extremely loyal to his family members and will do just about anything to keep them safe. While he is mostly one of the 'good guys', he knows that sometimes you have to operate outside the boundaries of what is acceptable. The end sometimes justifies the means is a motto he lives by. Passionate by nature, he is known to be quite hot tempered and prone to voicing his opinion even when it is not asked. Nicco is a man's man and can falter on the side of being a bit chauvinistic at times. A daredevil at heart, he is known for taking unnecessary risks with great success. Some call it luck, others call it the devil's own favor. He also tends to be incredibly over protective of his younger female cousins — even to the point of picking fights with their potential suitors as a test to the poor unsuspecting men's metal.


Name Race Relation Notes
Samantha Witch Younger Cousin Samantha is like the kid sister Nicco never had. The fact she is so physically fragile only seems to further enhance his protective nature when it comes to the woman. They clash a lot given his own archaic views on women, but at the end of the day she is his responsibility. He will go to great lengths to ensure any threats are removed from her presence, whether she wants him to or not. He's learned that when it comes to dealing with Samantha, sometimes it is best not to tell her his plans lest he wants to deal with an argument.

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