Oliver Marcos
Character is currently on the grid.
Portrayed by KEN MARINO
Fullname Oliver Damien Marcos
Species Anything but Vampire
Age 34
Alignment Evil

Basic Background

Whoever adpots this character can have free reign over the background, except for the following points:

  • Something happened to change Oliver into the bad boy that he is today.
  • He is both a drug dealer, and a drainer who specializes in pure/true V sales.
  • He has a love of fine things, and likes to pilfer them once in a while.

Basic Personality

Whoever adopts this character can have free reign over the personality, except for the following points:

  • Extremely irresponsible, flaky.
  • No moral compass.
  • Will sacrifice others to save himself.


Name Race Relation Notes
Hailee Human Ex Hailee and Oliver hooked up for a while shortly after he introduced her to V. It didn't last long.

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