Pasha Ramirez
Currently on the game.
Portrayed by SERINDA SWAN
Fullname Pasha Grace Ramirez
Species Werewolf
Faction Muea Tseena Pack
Age 25-29

Basic Background

Grew up on a ranch outside of Dallas. Only child of two pure werewolves who have always been part of the Muea Tseena Pack, sometimes allowing the pack to use their acres of land to run on come the full moon. She currently runs the ranch for tourists, working with the ranch-hands and her parents to keep it in tip-top shape.

Basic Personality

Free spirit, wild at heart, loves horses.


Name Race Relation Notes
Eva Ramirez Werewolf Mother Disapproves of her daughters wild spirit, but loves her all the same.
Javier Ramirez Werewolf Father Taught her everything she knows about horses and the ranch.

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