Samuel Khan
This character requires pre-approval from staff, as both the age and part of the concept (sadism) are on the restricted list.
Fullname Samuel Khan
Species Vampire
Position Life of the party
Age 600+ (29)

Basic Background

This pretty much is what's known about Sam as used in bg's and rp. Everything else is up to the player.

  • From British origins. Samuel Khan is not his original name.

Set dates:
1866 - Meets Sarah Fitzwilliam and decides to pursue her. After a few months as a suitor he turns her on may 20th, and shortly after, may 26th, turns Susan Baker, Sarah's maid, at Sarah's insistance.
1867 - Moves to Europe with Sarah and Susan.
1871 - Moves to the America's with Sarah and Susan. First stop: New York.
1874 - Moves to Washington with Sarah and Susan. Teaches Susan to read, write, keep his books.
1877 - Moves to California with Sarah and Susan.
1878 - Susan returns alone from a trip with Sarah, telling Sarah was reckless and died in an ambush. December 16th. Sam either believes her or doesn't care.
1879 - Gets itchy and sends Susan away, but keeps her employed to do his bookkeeping for him. They stay in touch. Moves back to London in february. Wealth increases when Susan makes one lucky investment after another, investing Sam's money as well, making him/very/ rich.
1901 - Moves to Nevada.
1929 - Loses most of his money during the Great Depression - thanks to Susan. Summons her, but keeps her alive when she vows to devote every inch of her existence to return to him his luxurous lifestyle.
1934 - Takes a renewed interest in Susan and re-teams up with her for a while.
1942 - Dismisses Susan. His wealth rebuilds over time due to Sue's efforts.
2002 - Looses everything once more in 2002 when the internet bubble bursts and Susan's investments leave them bankrupt. Sam has had enough and drags Susan to the Magister for retribution, quite possibly worked with the Magister concerning the nature of the sentence. Hasn't seen her since the day of her sentencing, but keeps in touch, since she's again working on returning his money for him (and others). He no longer allows her to do his bookkeeping or investments, period.

Basic Personality

  • A fickle man, with altering interests, he lives from whim to whim.
  • Lady's man. Is said to have charmed the pearls out of Marie de' Medici's hair (which he subsequently distributed amongst Henry IV's mistresses, causing a quite a bit of drama at France's court).
  • Can be fiercely posessive of what he considers his.
  • Is a cultured man with intimate knowledge of (French and English) courts, (English and American) bonton and (American and European) jetsets throughout the ages.
  • Takes great care of his physichal condition and appearance and is somewhat of a purist when it comes to feeding, avoiding drug addicts, alcoholics and the sick like the plague - when it comes to drinking their blood.
  • Isn't, however, a physichal man when it comes to settling scores, he prefers more political, backstabbing methods of violence to combat, or leaves the dirty work to others. Can be quite a sadist when infuriated.

Basic Skills/Weaknesses


  • Insanely good looks
  • Intelligent
  • Brilliant social skills, charmeur
  • Speaks several languages fluently and has a knack for communication


  • Sadist
  • Fickle, very easily bored
  • Likes to take the easy way out
  • Narcissist


Name Race Relation Notes
Susan Baker Vampire Child Turned in 1866, still financially connected and socially in touch, occasional hook ups.

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