Portrayed by ADAM BALDWIN
Fullname Thomas Damian Knight
Species Human
Faction Fellowship of the Sun
Age 42

Basic Background

  • Ex-military
  • Currently a member of the Fellowship of the Sun after his wife became a fangbanger and left the family.
  • Trying to create a side-group for the Newlin's called 'Soldiers of the Sun' wherein they train members to fight against vampires and other 'evils'.

Basic Personality

  • Ex-military
  • Rest is left up to the applicant.


Name Race Relation Notes
Winifred Kinght Human Daughter Somewhat close relationship, though Winnie doesn't agree with the all-out murder of vampires.


It is important to note that this character is considered to be a 'Feature Character' type position, and has OOC responsibilities as well as the IC ones. As such, additional information from anyone looking to apply for this character is needed before he is created. A +request must be submitted to staff, with information on what abilities/expectations/potential hooks a potential applicant sees for this character.

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