Vincent van den Bosch
Portrayed by ACTOR (anyone brown haired)
Fullname Vincent Juan Carlos van den Bosch
Species Human
Age 28

Basic Background

Born in 1977 to Abraham van den Bosch and Leonora van Tellingen in the Dutch town of Zeist. Vincent has one elder sister, Josephine, and one younger brother, Hugo. The most notable thing about their upbringing must have been Bram and Leonora's hippy approach to life. Bram could boast on a rather remote claim to nobility, which translated into a vehemenent interest in history and folklore, a passion he brought to family life in more ways then just stories, dragging the kids to folkdances, insisting on a life without modern day gadgets (tv, radio, and consoles) and trying to bring a little of those past noble glory days into the modern day world.

The flaky Leonora on her part imagined herself to be quite the wise woman of old, bringing to the household not only a 3 foot cast iron cauldron (in the basement, Bram wouldn't stand for it to be in the kitchen), but a little touch of magic every way she saw fit. What she believed anyway - it was never in her nature. The result was a strange mix of new agy paganism and eco-consciousness: all natural, old fashioned clothing (which the kids got teased with at school without end), a strict vegan diet and more talks about one's feelings then a person could possibly care for. Ever.

On the plus side, there were bonfires (with mom dancing and chanting, but hey, still fire), fancy dress up parties all year round and a sense of open mindedness which even stood out in Dutch society.

A major downside was Josephine's gift (according tot mom) / curse (according to Vincent and Hugo): the abilty to listen to other people's thoughts. Leonora embraced Josephine's ability, spending immens amounts of time with the girl - and not spending it with the brothers. Puberty for the two brothers was rather embarrassing with a sister who'd know of each and every single lustful moment.

Vincent's life altered drastically when new neighbours moved in, specially when Leonora took an avid interest in the thirtysomething husband, father of two. It took them two nearly a year to keep their relationship hidden, before they took off, leaving Bram devastated. It took another year for Jo to move out of the house, leaving Vincent more then a little relieved, finally having the privacy of his thoughts returned.

// The rest of his background, career choices and relationships are for the player to choose. //

Basic Personality

Vincent is the narrow minded brother, deciding on a point of view and sticking to it. He's a religious man, and -maybe to offset his parents- an active member of a conservative protestant church. Though he tolerates his parent's flukes and those of his siblings, he has never trusted Jo's ability as something god given and is an avid opponent of everything magical, new age and vampiristic.


Name Race Relation Notes
Josephine Psychic Sister Vincent's elder sister by 2 years. The relationship is somewhat awkward, Vincent never much having loved his sister's ability to listen to his thoughts.
Hugo Human Brother Vincent's younger brother by 2 years. Vincent's always felt rather protective of Hugo.

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