American Vampire League

Discrimination, intolerance, and oppression are the main reasons for the formation of the American Vampire League. The group came into existence shortly after the Great Revelation in response to groups such as the Fellowship of the Sun which began to purport vampires as evil creatures bred of darkness.

One of the main functions of the AVL is the production of public service announcements in order to spread awareness of vampires, and "Vampire Rights" legislations. In these PSA's, the AVL portrays vampires as being 'undead American' - non-threatening, every-day people, who deserve the same rights they had before the "virus". Recently, they have begun an ad campaign trying to dissuade the use of "V" among the human populace.

A chapter of the AVL can be found in Dallas, and everyone is invited to attend the meetings and learn more about the not-for-profit group.

For more information on the American Vampire League, see our website.

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