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Resources are the description of your character's financial situation. This may include not only your liquid assets (cash, money orders, bank drafts), but fixed assets (property, buildings, furniture), and standard of living as well.

Resources should be selected based upon your character's background. Someone who lives in squalor in their background, should not be taking 'Rich' as their resource level - you cannot be living in a mansion, or driving extremely expensive vehicles if you are living on the streets.

Note: Anything above "Upper-Middle Class" requires pre-approval by staff.

Resource Level What they get
Poor Makes between $0-$999/month, lives on the streets or in a run-down apartment complex, does not own a vehicle, and has very few fixed assets.
Lower Middle Class Makes between $1000-$2599/month, lives in an apartment, may own an older vehicle, has a comfortable amount of fixed assets.
Middle Class Makes between $2600-$5999/month, owns a small house, owns a vehicle or two, has approximately $30,000 in fixed assets.
Upper Middle Class Makes between $6000-$10,999/month, owns a house + property, owns a newer vehicle or two, has approximately $80,000 in fixed assets.
Well-Off Makes between $11,000-$25,999/month, owns a large house + property, owns multiple vehicles, has approximately $150,000 in fixed assets.
Rich Makes $26,000+/month, owns multiple houses/properties, owns multiple new vehicles, has an exorbitant amount of fixed assets.
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