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Skills are things that your character is good at. Do they have any talents? A certain field of study? A love of languages?

These are skills above and beyond any supernatural racial abilities that your character might possess. These are your learned skills, such as fighting prowess, or the ability to stay calm in extremely stressful situations. All relevant skills should be listed here - if you do not have combat skills listed, and attempt to engage in combat, chances are you won't fare well at all. This doesn't mean that every skill needs to be listed - it is generally assumed that most people know how to read, write and do simple arithmetic.

Strive to have at least 2 skills above and beyond your racial abilities. If there is anything special/unique about your racial abilities, these should also be listed, as well as what sphere of Psychic or Witch abilities those characters possess.

When you input these during the CharGen, they should be detailed enough so that we know how the character utilizes the abilities and the NEED to be supported in your background.

A good rule of thumb is to consider the character's physical skills/strengths as well as their mental/learned abilities. Ensure that these balance with weaknesses.

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