Solucis Coven

From the Latin 'Sol' meaning Sun, and 'Lucis' meaning Light, the Solucis Coven considers that will, intent, and good spirit are more important than power or intellectual knowledge: "Those that do not know, can learn. Those that will not learn can never know."

Solucis is a newly forming group of highly individual, creative, and intuitive people who recognize that blending all their individual strengths and qualities together will bring about a font of knowledge and experience for all members. There are no spiritual or religious requirements for joining Solucis, provided that those who seek to join possess some form of the magic, members from all walks of life (barring those who mean to do harm with their magic) are welcome. As Solucis is not predominately Wiccan, there is no High Priestess or Priest.

Solucis celebrates the 8 sacred festivals of the year wheel (The Sabbats), and often holds working circles at each full moon to work stronger magic, as well as having regular training and learning circles for members to learn more about the various crafts and practices of all the practitioners.

The coven does not actively seek new members, but a serious practioner of magic with good networking skills is welcome to seek Solucis out.

Imbolc February 2
Vernal Equinox March 19-22
Beltane May 1
Summer Solstice June 19-22
Lughnasadh August 1
Autumnal Equinox September 19-22
Samhain October 31
Winter Solstice December 19-22

The OOC contact for the Coven is Scarlett Fontane

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