IC: Mayor McNabb Speaks Out

Mayor McNaab Speaks Out
Monday 03, January, 2005.

In an attempt to kick off the later half of the decade with a bang, Mayor Ernest McNaab has caught the interest of the public eye. The recently elected city official stunned supporters and skeptics alike this morning at a private press conference held by the man's staff, where the official broke his silence on the Vampiric issue.

"This is America," McNaab gruffed. "The land of the free, the land of Equality. Our forefathers did not fight just so we could turn around and find the latest scapegoat to oppress. It is my sincere wish that vampires be granted equal rights to humans. They deserve the opportunity to pursuit life, liberty, and happiness just like the rest of us."

The hugely controversial statement has set the city abuzz with discussion. It is met with much opposition, although predictably, the vampiric community of Dallas are supportive.

"It's really good to see someone stepping up and calling it as it is - racist oppression. Really, we're in 2005 now. We should be above this." Shopowner and vampire Tim Buffs commented…

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