IC: Green Oaks Under Fire

Green Oaks Psychiatric Hospital is currently under investigation for patient neglect according to the Dallas Police Department. This comes after several complaints of minor neglect, a tip from an anonymous source and an extremely angry family.

Most of the complaints range from not serving good enough food or keeping late enough hours, reports claim. The rest of the complaints are severe and have warranted a full scale investigation. According to the anonymous source, Green Oaks has been binding and medicating patients who do not need such treatment and forcing them to be isolated.

The major story is that of the Tyler family. Faith Tyler is a young woman who has suffered from mental illness ever since the death of her friend right before her eyes. Since then she's been institutionalized at Green Oaks. Her family reports abuse that is similar to that from the anonymous source. They were banned from seeing her before they were told that she was 'unavailable for guests' as of last evening.

Upon involvement of the police it was discovered that Tyler had gone missing. Green Oaks refuses to release an official statement, but speculation ranges from her running away to being eaten by vampires. "I just want my baby back," Barbara Tyler, mother of the missing person, cried out.

Her father, Isaac Tyler, had a different approach. "Even once we get her back, we will be continue to see that Green Oaks is shut down. If they had treated my daughter better we wouldn't be here right now."

For now Green Oaks is still in operation. This is subject to change based on future information, sources say.

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