IC: Wild Animal Attack At Dallas Home

It is rare to see a wild creature on the city streets these days, but rarer still was what happened last evening in an Uptown Dallas home. For Charles and Laura Cornett, the day started off as any other. They went to work, met for dinner, and then went home. Upon opening the door to let themselves in, a large feral looking wolf came at them in mid-flight.

"All I saw was a bunch of teeth," said a groggy Laura as she spoke to reporters at the hospital.

The brazen wolf struck Charles across the face, and knocked him to the ground where it began to maul the man, nearly eviscerating him. Charles Cornett, 46, is (at the time of this printing) in the critical care unit of the Medical City Hospital, and is in danger of succumbing to his injuries.

The pain-killers that were given to Mrs. Cornett did not allow for her to speak for long periods of time, but she says that the only way she could get the wolf off of her husband was to get the handgun from the car and fire. Unfortunately for Laura, the shots did little to deter the creature who went after her next, nipping at her arm and clawing at her front.

The couple was only saved by a Mr. Jack Donaldson, a neighbor who drove across the lawn and hit the wolf with his car. "Don't know what happened to the wolf after that. Slunk off, I guess. Ain't never seen a danged thing like that before in my life."

Residents of the Uptown area are asked to be on alert, as the animal is suspected to be rabid. Should a wolf be spotted in or around this locale, please contact the local police, or animal control.

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