IC: Viral Video Hits Email

Thanks to an unknown person with a small video camera taping a family outing to the ice cream shoppe, there is a viral video that hits the internet sent via email all over the city.

The video shows Ivan Fontane, right-hand-man to the mayor, cursing like mad at some poor girl.

"Yeah, you are! You know what lady, you need to fucking committed before you end up hurting someone, you crazy bitch! Before you go around swinging knives in peoples faces again!" Ivan is scowling quite darkly at this point, making a mad dash for paper napkins to try and remove the blob of melting ice cream from his noggin and to dab at the stains to his suit before they set in. Only then does he even bother shooting a particularly piercing glare in her direction. "Ruin your what? Rumour? Jesus fucking Christ, you're certifiable! Newsflash, I don't fucking care about you, or who screw. I couldn't give two flying fucks. You, though? You're obsessed with me! And you just can't let it be. All I know is I'm fucking tired of this freudian aggression, I'm tired of your holier then thou bullshit, and I'm tired of your bitchitude. Do us all a favor and go fuck yourself. Maybe then people would be able to stand your shining presence."

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