IC: A Hope-ful Interview

As the Fellowship of the Sun begins to gear up for their annual Spring leadership conference, they've chosen a new poster girl.

Meet Hope Tyler.

Reporter for the Dallas Morning News, Colin Berry, was lucky enough to meet up with Miss Tyler at the SMU Student Union, where she was more than happy to take time to answer his questions.

Colin: "What was the driving factor for you joining the Fellowship of the Sun?"

Hope: "It's a story that's been in the news recently, actually. I lost my best friends due to a vampire attack; Tripp, who's throat was torn out by a vampire, and my twin, who was rendered catatonic by the event. After I lost them, it was a dark time for me, but a friend of the family showed me that His light could still shine upon me. That was the catalyst, really."

Colin: "How did you come to be in Dallas?"

Hope: "My parents institutionalized my sister at the Green Oaks Psychiatric Center here in Dallas. I signed up for the Fellowship's leadership conference, and was convinced that it was the right thing for me. Afterward, I transferred to SMU so that I could be closer to Faith and so that she'd have a familiar face."

Colin: "How is your sister now?"

Hope: "Every day she gets a little better. Today was better than yesterday. She's doing quite well now, and is no longer medicated, or in a facility. She has a support group of people who love, and care for her, and who will continue to ensure she gets over the atrocities that were done to her."

Colin: "Is she also a member of the Fellowship?"

Hope: "No. We may look alike, but we don't think alike."

Colin: "Does that bother you?"

Hope: "I'm a fan of diversity, and I'd never force anyone to join the Fellowship against their will."

Colin: "What about people who say that vampires are not evil?"

Hope: "They're wrong. Vampires are not puppies. They're not friendly. They do not walk in the light. They are creatures of darkness. There's a war going on, and there's no in between. You're either on the side of the light, or you fall to the darkness."

Colin: "Those are strong words. Do you really believe that?"

Hope: "It's not what I believe, Mr. Berry, it's what /God/ believes. A demon who cannot bask in God's Holy light is /evil/."

Colin: "You mentioned a war. Does that mean the rumors about the church hunting vampires is true?"

Hope: "To the best of my knowledge? No. I'm not saying that there aren't any rogues followers out there who do that kind of thing, but we're a church, just like any other Christian denomination. We worship God, just like any other Christian denomination. The only difference is that our beliefs include informing the parishioners about the evil ways of the vampire, and teach us that avoiding contact with, or running away from a vampire is the best way to deal with them."

Colin: "Do you support the potential rogues?"

Hope: "In a way, I do. Vampires are evil, and their presence should be eradicated. However, I don't condone murder, even if it is a demon that is being killed."

Colin: "One would think that doing away with an evil creature would be a good thing."

Hope: "Murder is a sin. Some sins are bigger than others, but murdering even a creature of darkness would be a sin. Catch them, restrain them, let the courts decide their punishment."

Colin: "What do you believe the worst sin is?"

Hope: "Fornication with a vampire."

Colin: "Why?"

Hope: "You're just giving yourself to the Devil at that point. It's one of those things that there's not really a whole lot of repentance for."

Colin: "So you don't like fangbangers?"

Hope: "Well I don't like what they /do/."

Colin: "What can you tell us about the leadership conference?"

Hope: "It's held every Spring. The Fellowship of the Sun has a conference for its best and brightest parishioners, as well as anyone who's interested in learning more about the church and our beliefs. It's $1200.00 to attend, which includes three weeks of lodging, food, and transportation. It also provides equipment for all activities and excursions, a Light of Day Institute hooded sweatshirt, and a newly invigorated relationship with the Lord!"

Colin: "What sort of excursions take place at the conference?"

Hope: "Hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, archery, exploration — the same things you'd expect from an adult version of bible camp, really. There's also several bands, productions, and a masquerade ball to enjoy in the evenings."

Colin: "Why do you think that the Fellowship of the Sun has chosen you for its poster girl this year?"

Hope: "My family has been in the spotlight quite a bit already this year, with the evil Creatures of Darkness targetting my twin for additional attacks. I'm not afraid to speak out about these things. I'm not scared to let my feelings be known, or let it be known that I walk in the path of Light. I stand up for what I believe in, and I stand up for those I care about."

Colin: "What do you think of their slogan: Hope for Humanity?"

Hope: "I love it, because it's the truth. I believe in Humanity, and I believe that vampirism tries to sway us from our humanity. Like the Lord's Prayer says, 'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.' Which is exactly what the Fellowship is trying to do. Deliver us all from evil."

Colin: "Is it true that there is a product in development, which will be unveiled at the leadership conference?"

Hope: "That's the plan. It's something that I had to pull a lot of strings to get a patent for."

Colin: "Don't patents usually take years?"

Hope: "They do, which is why it took a lot of research and work. I had to contact a family friend who is a patent lawyer, who suggested that I contact the Senator for back home, and he was more than willing to push my request through the system."

Colin: "What is it?"

Hope: "Unfortunately, until the patent documentation comes through, Mr. Turner has requested that I not discuss what it is. When it is revealed at the conference will be the first time anyone will be obtaining information on it."

Colin: "Thank you for your time, Miss Tyler."

Hope: "Anytime, Mr. Berry."

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