IC: Wolf Attacks Dallas Woman

A second wolf attack has struck the city of Dallas. A large black wolf has been reported to have sprung out of the bushes near a White Rock Lake running path, and attacked a woman while she was walking home.

Librarian Doris Herbig was walking down the path, as she has every night for the last twenty years. She was found at approximately 4 o'clock in the morning by a jogger that frequents the path. Herbig had been dragged off of the path, and had suffered multiple bites and scratches.

Herbig is currently in the intensive care unit at Medical City Hospital.

Since the attack on Charles and Laura Cornett just under a month ago, wolf sightings in Dallas have been on the rise. The wolves have been seen coming closer to residents of the area and frightening them.

While authorities state that a wolf attack is a rare occurrence, residents of Dallas are being warned to be more aware of the possibility that these things can happen. Wild animals cannot be trusted, even if they are generally scared of humans.

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