IC: Wolf Attacks Unnerving Dallas Residents

Parents in Dallas have begun to keep an extra close eye on children as the days begin to lengthen. Random wolf attacks within the city have been on the rise since the attack on Charles and Laura Cornett on February 16, 2005.

Some have begun to carry guns with them when they venture outdoors after dark. "It's scary. People are afraid," said Ginnie Albright, a 53 year-old-woman who has lived in Dallas her entire life. "It's something I've never seen before. It's not something we should have to adjust to."

The death of 46-year-old Charles Cornett stunned many in the Dallas area, including wildlife officials, who say that wolf attacks are very, very rare - and fatal attacks even more so. State biologists are now being called in to track and tag area wolves. If necessary, they will shoot the wolves to forensically examine them to see if their teeth match the marks found on the atackees.

The most recent attack brings the Cornett name to the forefront once more. On Friday March 25, Chloe Cornett was attacked by a large black wolf outside of the Rutherford Veterinary Clinic. She managed to escape with a few cuts and bruises, and was treated with both rabies and tetanus shots at the Medical City Hospital.

"I was bringing an injured beagle to the clinic to have its foot looked at," Cornett stated. "The dog fell from my arms, then this large black wolf came running from somewhere nearby. It chased me to my car, but I managed to get in and contact both Animal Control and the police." When asked about the dog, she added, "I have no clue where it went, but I do hope that it managed to avoid becoming dinner for the wolf."

Residents are again asked to be on their alert. Should a wolf be spotted in or around the city of Dallas, please contact the local police and animal control.

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