IC: Mysterious Animal Mauls Woman

Another animal attack was reported to have taken place in the Lake Highlands on Friday evening. Twenty-Six year old Mignonette Savoy was admitted to the hospital late in the evening for an apparent animal mauling.

The hospital staff has informed us that Miss. Savoy will not be answering any questions, but that the markings do not appear to be those of a wolf. Dr. Valerius had this to say, "The wounds are much too large to be a wolf and appear to be claw marks. Wolves tend to bite their victims, and there are no bite marks on the woman. If I had to guess I would say that a bear or cougar was the attacker, though we collected a fur sample that appears canine. It is possible this fur is from a pet."

Police say that they had been receiving reports of Black Wolf sightings all evening. Officer Jennings told us earlier, "It is unsurprising that we're getting more reports of the animal now that it has attacked so many people. With the full moon tonight I think it's mostly just people seeing things or worrying a bit more than usual. We even had one report that the animal had been shot and killed, but when we arrived all we found were some footprints and a bit of blood."

When asked about the attack in the park, Jennings told us, "We did have a few reports of strange howling in the park. We even had a report of a Bigfoot sighting in the area. By the time officers arrived at the park there were no unusual animals present. We did find what appears to be evidence of a struggle. We hope to get more information after speaking with the victim."

Police continue to urge civilians to remain indoors after dark and not to go out alone. They suggest carrying defensive items and ask that any sightings of strange animals be called in immediately.

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