IC: Spring Dance Recital


As spring brings with it flowers and warmer weather, so also does it bring the 15th Annual Spring Spectacular dance recital for Studio 10. In the past the Studio has highlighted Broadway musicals, science fiction and classical ballet, but this spring the Studio is doing things a little differently. The theme is "Call of the Wild," and draws attention to the rescue and preservation of wildlife in the metro area.

"I've always cared about animals," says Desiree DeVilliers, Studio 10's manager and choreographer of the recital. "There are so many endangered species these days. As animals are forced out of their habitats by development, confrontations between humans and animals are inevitable. After witnessing the recent death of a panther, I met a rep from the "Dallas Wildlife Preservation Society," and we came up with the idea of educating our children and raising money for this worthy cause by focusing our recital on this growing problem."

As always, the Spring Spectacular will feature dancers of all ages and skill levels who study the many and varied styles taught at Studio 10. The audience will be treated to tap, jazz, acrobatic, ballet and interpretive dance numbers, and at a reception afterwards, representatives of DWPS will provide information on what everyone can do to help preserve our wildlife.

"Teaching conservation of natural resources and a respect for wildlife is of utmost importance if we want our grandchildren to see more than a barren world," said a representative of DWPS. "The younger our children learn the proper way to interact with the animal kingdom, the sooner we'll see fewer animals on the endangered species list."

Although the recital is a month away, tickets are already on sale. Prices are $10 for adults and $5 for students (5-15), with those under five free. You can purchase tickets through Studio 10, the DWPS and Ticketmaster, with proceeds going to support the DWPS. The recital begins at 7:00pm, on Saturday, April 24th, at the UTD Davidson Auditorium. For information and a schedule of summer classes, contact Studio 10 at 489-TODANCE.

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