IC: Online Buzz

An article has started to circulate on various fangbanger online communities, most notably the first page of the article hosting a large, fish-eye photo of Braeden MacKeirnan, spokesperson of the AVL, leaning over a desk filled with various papers while his commanding gaze is directed just off-photo, at some board with schedules. At least according the caption - Which, like the rest of the article, is in Dutch since it was published in the Dutch version of Time. That would pose a problem for most people, but some savvy MacKeirnan-fans have tried to translate the piece.

It turns out to be a portrait of the man, written over the course of several weeks as the reporter, one J v/d Bosch, followed his every single move. The reporter doesn't make a stand pro or contra the AVL, instead paints an all too human picture of a driven man, passionate about a world in which humans and vampires live in harmony. It describes the hard work and incredibly long hours he puts into this vision, the opposition he meets (FotS-protesters at his media appearance at the Today Show), the sacrifices he makes (having to live up to his PR-image while fans/willing donors try anything to get to him) and the choices he has to make to bring about his 'better world' and stay politically correct.

But those photo's… That's what has the fans reposting. And reposting. And…

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