Upcoming Event: Bright Futures Charity

Date/Time: Wed Jun 16 2010 @ 8:30pm EST
Contact: David


Once again, the people of Bright Futures ask the citizenry of Dallas to open their hearts to the children of their city. On Thursday, June 16th, Bright Futures will be running a bachelor/bachelorette auction where the money raised from the bids will go directly to the charity. The lucky winner and their bachelor(ette) will be treated to a free dinner at a participating Dallas restaurant. All donations to the 501(c)3 charity are tax deductible.
(OOC note: The time for this +event is actually Wednesday, June 16th at 8:30pm EST. (Remember, 2005 is one 'day of the week' ahead of 2010). We will be meeting at the Belmont, so be there or be square! We're still taking requests from those who wish to be auctioned… for the children!)

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