IC: Body Identified as Missing Officer

DALLAS - The body found Wednesday on a ranch off Wheatland Road has been positively identified as that of a Dallas man reported missing several weeks ago.

Detective Ocho with the Dallas Police Department said that the body belonged to that of Officer James Thomas Young, 26, who went missing on May 24.

Young's body was found on an abandoned ranch off of Wheatland Road, according to Ocho. His body had been badly mangled by a wheat thresher, and gnawed on by what appeared to be coyotes. According to the autopsy, he died due to exsanguination.

"We have reason to believe that foul play was involved, due to the cases he was assigned at the time." Ocho wouldn't say if he believed it to be gang related. "We have nothing to indicate it one way or another, and that speculation is best left up to the internal investigation."

Search teams had been looking for Young's body since May 25 when he failed to show up for work.

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