Upcoming Event: June Full Moon/Wolf Run

Date/Time: Tue Jun 22 2010 @ 4:14am EST
Contact: Buffy

The full moon for June takes place in the wee hours of the morning. The forced shift will take place on both Monday June 21, and Tuesday June 22. Sorry for the bad luck, two-natureds!

Date/Time: Tue Jun 22 2010 @ 7:30pm EST
Contact: Cinco


IC Information:

Word spreads among the 'wolves and friends of the Muea Tseena Pack that the Pack Leadership has called for a full pack hunt on the night of the June Full Moon, to take place on Pack lands far outside the boundaries of Dallas (and, thus, away from anywhere that stupid humans might still be on the look out for a big black dog to shoot). All werewolves and shifters in any way attached to the pack are highly encouraged to attend.

OOC Information

The Hunt is open to anyone with ties to the MTP — shifter, werewolf, or otherwise (providing you can keep up). If you don't have ties to the pack, but still want to play, feel free to contact me (Cinco), and we'll see what we can do to fix it somehow. Pack members and Friends of the Pack are openly welcome. Other people will have to be vouched-for by someone from one of those two groups… or else you need to convince Pack Leadership directly that you should be allowed to come along.

The scene will take place in one of the Anywhere Rooms on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 and will start at 7:30pm EST. For more details, or to work out an RP hook for your character to get in the scene, page or @mail Cinco.


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