IC: West Dallas Shooting

Gangland Conflict in West Dallas Leaves Two Dead
Monday, June 22, 2010

West Dallas [AP] — Two West Dallas men were found dead, a third injured, after witnesses reported what was described as a "gangland slaying" in the Projects near Toronto St. and Knightsbridge St., late Monday afternoon The victims were identified as Miguel Hernadez (24), who died of a gunshot wound to the head, and Clinton Jeffreys (22), whose died of throat wounds believed to have been inflicted by some sort of animal. Both men were known to authorities and had ties to the Los Perros Rojos (the Red Dogs) street gang. The identity of the third man was not released, though he is in police custody, recovering at Methodist Medical Center from a gunshot wound to the leg.
Witnesses recalled seeing a black jeep mount the sidewalk, seconds before the occupants of a white sedan, traveling from the opposite direction, opened fire on the street. The fight then moved to a nearby alleyway, where the killings occurred.
Three men were reported fleeing the scene only moments before police arrived, two on foot, the third in the black jeep, accompanied by a large, wolf-like dog.
Given the recent wild dog attacks in the city, authorities were quick to comment that they do not believe this incident was in any way related to the earlier slayings, but aren't ruling out other possibilities.

OOC NOTE: This report refers to the happenings in the log "El Lobo Negros" (http://trueblood-dallas.wikidot.com/logs:062210-6). Feel free to play with this report as rumor. However, please speak with Cinco before escalating anything further. Thanks.

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