IC: Assault in East Dallas

At approximately 1:45am last night an incident involving two vehicles occurred in East Dallas. Details are still fuzzy at this time, but it appears that a black Dodge Ram pickup truck, reported as stolen that morning, ran a red light and smashed into the driver side of a Porsche leased by one Hugo Bosch. According to the police and a few witness reports, the driver of said truck apparently then assaulted Mr. Bosch and his passenger, one Paige Logan, when she tried to interfere in what was apparently a kidnapping attempt.

On the scene was off-duty police officer Max Winters, who called 911 to report the accident and then attempted to assist the two victims. Officer Winters apparently fired his weapon, presumably wounding the assailant, but for reasons unknown abandoned his weapon and tried to stop him physically. Officer Winters was then subdued by the unknown attacker. It is believed that the wounded assailant fled the scene of the crime upon hearing the approaching sirens.

It is rumored that the driver of the stolen Dodge Ram might have, in fact, been a vampire. The police are making no comments on that possibility at this time, but reports have come in that Ms. Logan had been bitten on the throat during the attack and that the assailant some how managed to escape "too quickly to be seen" before police and emergency services arrived on site.

All three victims of the crime have been removed to Medical City Hospital to receive treatment for their injuries. More details to come.

OOC Note: If you have any questions about this incident, please either page or @mail Hugo for details and further information. The victims will likely be available for questioning as well. Many thanks!

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