IC: Silver Spray Now Available

After months of development and trial runs, Silver Spray is now available to the home consumer. While large chains such as Wal*Mart and Target will not be carrying the product, so as not to seem biased against vampire-kind, smaller shops have begun to stock up.

Silver Spray comes in three varieties at the moment: the 18g personal model in pink, blue, yellow or green, for $18.00; the 14g 'lipstick' model in pink, blue, red, black or silver, for $11.00; and the 4g keychain fogger model, in pink, blue, purple, black or green for $6.50.

It is currently carried in gun shops throughout the Dallas area, as well as at the Fellowship of the Sun.

$1.00 from each purchase goes to a fund to help counsel families and victims that have suffered at the hands of the living-challenged. Show your 'Honesty Ring' and receive a 30% discount.

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