IC: Opinion Piece - When Will it Stop?

Editors Note: Hope Elizabeth Tyler is the poster girl for the Fellowship of the Sun, and a student at Southern Methodist University. She is the creator behind "Silver Spray", a project she put together for her Business Studies course. She can be contacted at ude.ums|relyt.epoh#ude.ums|relyt.epoh.

Shortly after the so-called Great Revelation by the creatures of darkness who swore they no longer needed to feed on humankind, I witnessed an attack. During this attack, my twin sister was rendered mentally unstable and left in a catatonic state for nearly two years. My best friend had his throat torn out.

Recently, my best friend has come back.

Not as he was.

But as one of them. One of the monsters who killed him. Who turned him from the wonderfully soulful young man I knew into a soulless demon.

More recently, another good friend of mine came to visit.

I thought he was human.

He bit me. Fangs piercing my flesh. He likely would have left me for dead, or tore my throat out as his counterpart did to my best friend if I didn't take a stance and fight back.

So when is all of this going to stop?

There are new news articles every day about vampire attacks in the city. When are we going to stand up and do something about it? When are we going to say that enough is enough, and take back the night from these vile creatures? Do more people have to be injured? Do more have to die? Do more have to be cursed with soulless living at the hands and fangs of these monsters? Is necrophilia so enticing that it blinds humankind to the dangers associated with these creatures?

When are the police going to equip themselves to appropriately handle vampire against human crimes?

As it stands now in Dallas, the only way police are able to deal with these creatures is via the use of specially made silver handcuffs. How does this help a situation? Vampires are able to move with great speeds. A human officer would have no hope of catching a vampire thief or murderer, even utilizing what little equipment they have access to. And even if they are caught, they're granted all the legal rights as citizens. How is that right?

So should we just allow these CoDs to have their way with us? To cull humankind to satiate their bloodlust?

I say no.

I say we should rise up and take a stance against the parasitic leeches. Prove to them that we are NOT Happy MealsTM with feet.

Let's start by shattering the silence. Let's quit hiding the attacks on ourselves and our loved ones. Let's start reporting them, and speaking out about them. Let's take our stories to the media, and stop the police from hiding attacks from the public.

Speaking out about these things should not cause social discomfort within the public. We can't let these spawns of Satan to hide behind our fear and our shame.

Through telling our stories, through proving our strength and courage, we will help other victims and survivors of these vile attacks to know that they're not alone. That we won't tolerate these crimes any longer. That we won't let these monsters slink silently into the night.

This is why I'm voting for Zane Wright in the upcoming election for mayor. His platform is to put the human family, and humankind first. To protect us from evil. To make things safer for us in this city. So join me in voting this Fall. Join me in voting like your life depends on it.

Chances are, it does.

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