IC: New Museum Exhibit Opens


On November 22, 1963, the Texas School Book Depository became the focus of shock, grief and outrage after Pres. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza. Twenty-six years later, "JFK & the Memory of a Nation" opened on the 6th floor, from which alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots. With over 400 photographs, 45 minutes of film, and numerous artifacts, this permanent exhibition recreates the socio-political context of the early 60s, and recognizes Kennedy's lasting impact on American culture.

Over six million guests have visited the 6th Floor Museum opened in 1989, viewing many innovative exhibits. Curator Gary Mack now is pleased to bring Dallas a truly unique exhibit entitled "JFK Assassination: The World's Most Notorious Whodunit." This one-of-a-kind exhibit explores 42 years of conspiracy theories, and explores evidence allegedly proving the assassination was anything but the work of a "lone assassin." Many items have never been seen before.

The exhibition opens August 1st, and runs through February, 2006. Included are over 250 hours of recorded interviews with witnesses who saw a gunman on the grassy knoll, former military and CIA who claim the assassination was a "black ops" mission, and presents evidence supporting alleged claims the FBI was warned of an attempt on the president's life more than a month prior to the assassination.

Tickets for this special exhibition are included in the regular admission price of $13.50 for adults, $12.50 for students. Children under five are free, and special rates for Senior Citizens and tour groups are available. Please contact the museum for details. Tours are self-guided, with audio guides available. Cell phone walking tours take visitors through nearby Dealey Plaza. The museum will extend its hours to 10pm Sunday through Thursday, and midnight Friday and Saturday.

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