IC: Fontane Falls Down?

For months we've been following the story of Ivan Fontane - Mayoral PR guy, and Rose Tyler - Queen of Crazy. This all stopped abruptly earlier this month when Fontane disappeared for reasons he states are "personal".

I may have felt sympathetic for him, taking in a crazy woman and proposing marriage. I may have even felt sympathetic for whatever personal issues he went through that kept him out of the race for Mayor lately. My sympathy stops however with these photos from a long-time reader.

<Insert photos of Ivan drinking very publicly around White Rock Lake.>

Mayor McNaab might be headed down in the polls already, but this may tank them enough so that Wright soars. Fontane was at least smart enough to accept a ride from the Queen of Crazy. Drinking and driving and potentially murdering someone? That would kill McNaab's campaign completely. Living a bit dangerously, aren't you, Fontane?

<3 -GG

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