IC: Business Shutting Down

Local underground video store Cameron's Cult Classics is shutting down after nearly ten years of serving Dallas. Cameron's Cult Classics stocks underground movies that mostly only die-hard film lovers have heard of — one of the store's biggest pratfalls in business.

When asked what owner Cameron Engel's next move is, he replied: "It doesn't matter. I just couldn't let one of those huge video chains with no respect for classic cinema buy me out. We're sorry to have folded but maybe with some careful planning and strategizing, we can return triumphantly to serve the weirdos of Dallas once more." Assistant manager Bailey Barnes is quoted as having said, "Maybe Cameron will finally run off into the sunset with me. In the meantime, I guess I'm just gonna have to buckle down and start begging for change on the sidewalk. The payrate is about the same, I'd imagine."

Cameron's Cult Classics will be holding a close-out sale for the rest of the month with DVDs, VHSes, and movie memorabilia selling for as cheap as $2.00.

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