IC: A New Woman In Town

This news just in. It looks like the city's most eligible bachelor is on the prowl yet again! Previously we reported that one Zane Wright was seen with hearts flying all over the place with that Fellowship Poster Girl Hope Tyler. It looks like there must have been a lover's quarrel or he's just playing the field because he's been spotted again!

<Insert images of Zane, Prudence and Grace.>

Who is this mystery woman? We have no information just yet but we will soon! But what we do see is a man who seems to be replacing something that was taken from him. What does Tyler think about this? Well, she's not answering any phone calls but we'll know that once it all blows up.

Come on, Zane Wright! Just because you're available doesn't mean that you can just go from woman to woman! Of course it could all be completely harmless, but he's a politician. We all know better than that.

<3 GG

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