IC: Tropical Storm Headed for Florida

Tropical Depression 12 strengthens into Tropical Storm Katrina over the Central Bahamas, and a hurricane warning is issued for the southeastern Florida coast.

(MIAMI, AP) - The National Hurricane Center in Miami says Tropical Storm Katrina has formed in the Bahamas and appears to be heading toward Florida.
The storm is threatening to hit the state with winds of 70-75 miles per hour and heavy rainfall when it makes landfall. Katrina is expected to slowly cross Florida and may cause flooding as it dumps rain of up to a foot when it comes ashore between Miami and Palm Beach, before heading toward the Gulf of Mexico.
At 8am, the storm had winds of 40 miles per hour and was about 70 miles southeast of Nassau (250 miles east-southeast of Florida) and is moving northwest at a rate of 8 miles per hour.

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