IC: Looting and Damages

DALLAS (AP) - Some graffiti and looting are being reported in various areas of the city since the arrival of the New Orleans evacuees. Mayor Ernest McNaab says that there has been some significant damage to known vampire haunts.

The most popular of these, Bloody Mary's has had some very perverse, very targeted things sprayed on the outer portions of the building, as well as having the windows broken with objects that police have said appear to be some sort of homemade explosive device that failed to detonate.

The spray paint was in various hues stating such things as 'Vampyrs go back to Hell' and 'Fangbangers Repent'.

Mayor McNaab has hinted that these attacks on vampire business will continue happening as long as his opponent runs on the platform that he is. "Zane Wright's platform of cleaning up our city apparently means cleaning up the vampire activity as well. I want to ensure everyone that as long as I remain in office, Dallas will be a safe haven for vampire-kind."

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