IC: House Fire in West Dallas

DALLAS (AP) - Firefighters were called at about 7:30am to a house in West Dallas after neighbors raised the alarm.

Upon reaching the home, firefighters found that the basement and entire back of the house were ablaze and flames were quickly working their way to the front of the house. While attempting to douse the flames, several firefighters went into the fire to search for occupants. A thorough search of the home found a woman slumped behind the living room door.

The woman, who is believed to be in her mid-30s, was resuscitated by firefighters at the scene. She is in stable condition in the hospital though is closely being monitored by the Dallas Police.

Fire Chief Mason Larchmont said, "My men saved her life, there's no doubt about that. It grieves me to say that she was the only one who survived this fire. We have found two males and a female on the scene that could not be resuscitated, as well as what appears to be the remains of several vampires amidst molten silver." He also said that there will be an investigation into the fire to see if it is similar to the one that destroyed the American Vampire League building.

Officer Vania Maple with the Dallas Police Department stated that the house in question was one they had been watching for a while. "This location is one that was owned by a known V dealer. We had been waiting for a warrant to go in and search the premises."

It is suspected that the lone survivor will be arrested upon awakening.

A reward is being offered to anyone with information about the fire. If you have information on the crime, call the Dallas Police Department or contact the Arson tip line at 1-888-55-ARSON.

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