IC: Burning Crosses

DALLAS (AP) - The city awoke this morning to find large crosses burning in front of several major businesses as well as numerous homes.

The majority of the businesses involved are known, or suspected vampire-owned establishments. The homes involved are unverifiable at this time, but are thought to be suspected nests or homes of fangbangers.

Matt Griswold, 42, was arrested at the scene in front of Dahlia this morning, where he was found dousing a large cross with gasoline. Spray paint on the wall said 'Burn In Hell'. He has been charged with recklessly endangering a property and racial intimidation.

Sources with the Dallas Police Department couldn't say whether or not Griswold was involved with the other crimes against vampires that have been going on within the city.

"We'll find out," Detective Saunders stated in a brief interview. "Just like we'll find out if he's been working alone, or with a group."

Neither of the mayoral candidates could be reached for comment, but Reverend Steve Newlin with the Fellowship of the Sun had the following to say: "This is not an evil thing. Nor is it a bad thing to purge our city of the evil that threatens all of our lives. If anything, the tragedy here is that Mr. Griswold has been arrested for doing his research within City Hall and is sharing that information with the rest of us."

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