IC: Attack Outside Hotel

Around 1:00 am. September 24, a Dallas woman was abducted as she was leaving the Hotel Carmilla in the Deep Ellum area. She was found hours later, having been horribly beaten and bound to a street lamp with silver chains. Other injuries included a silver railroad spike through her right shoulder and a large letter "V" had been carved into her stomach. The words "vamp tramp" had been written across her chest with her own blood.

Like the previous attack, her only offence was being seen outside of a known vampire establishment.

The woman, Anna Graham, was found by a taxi driver as he dropped someone off at Union Station. She is currently in surgery for her injuries, and listed in critical condition at the Medical City Hospital. Police still have no clear suspects, but are scouring security footage from the Hotel Carmilla.

This is the second attack that has happened against a vampire-friendly citizen in Dallas.

Neither the American Vampire League, or the Fellowship of the Sun could be reached for comment at this time.

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